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For Students/Members:

We do not offer general or technical support via telephone or email without applying the following procedures, or receiving mandatory support form. Once support form is received, support manager's response time is less than 24 business hours.

We are always very serious about providing accurate, to-the-point required support to current or past student(s), as soon as possible. A prompt and accurate reply is possible only when we have accurate and to-the-point information from students.

To resolve any support-related inquiry (24/7) in minimum time we have provided every possible answer to general questions via the following Q & A link

Support for instructors is available between 8 AM-8 PM EST Monday to Friday. (Please refer to secure course page on LMS for directions)

We treat all students equally and with respect. Inquiries are handled in sequence as they arrive in our office, and response depends upon volume at any given time.

Mandatory support ticket form-S

Lawyers CPD Related - 24/7 Online Support 

RCIC CPD related Support 24/7

Please note:Staff does not provide or offer any personal computer or software-related technical assistance or training to members. If you still encounter problems in this situation, please try to explore a solution via the following common questions/issues. If you still face difficulty and cannot find a solution, then submit a support ticket form.

Q- How to Pay 

A- You can pay by credit card online and interact email funds transfer. Click here for Payment Instructions and available options.

Q-Have paid but not received event instructions, or has not received a copy of an invoice?

A- This information is processed and relayed instantly via email on record by the system automatically. If your email is incorrect or our email falls into your spam/junk folder, you may not get it. Our system automatically sends a copy of invoice instantly via email once paid. It is registrants responsibility to keep track of such record to avoid such situation at last minute. 

Our current new system is in place since June 2019, and contains all record from this date onwards.

If you have registered a program before June 2019 then proof of payment and invoice had been sent to you via the older system via email instantly, you have to look for a copy of invoice which was sent to you when you had registered or you may use an alternate proof of payment which could be a copy of credit card statement for that payment in lieu which is also an acceptable method.

Q- Cannot access my profile/account and print invoices and past records?

A- First log (Use a desktop or laptop computer not a smart phone) in to your online CPD House profile by logging into your account from top right corner of this page. You have to use the same email address used while creating account or membership profile or Use the link for support policy and options. Once you are logged in go to your profile page by clicking on button under your name and look for link names invoices and payments and explore options.

Q- Tax Receipts for Non-Vocational or CPD Program?

 A- Generally tax certificates are issued on Vocational programs on a T2202A CRA form. CPD events ornon-vocational programsdo not fall under vocational programs or similar benefits for tax purposes. However, if you wish to claim a tax credit for CPD education, you may use a copy of your event or program invoice or proof of payment for such program and report it as related educational expense head in your tax return. 

For further information, please contact your tax consultant or CRA and if there is any additional document or information required, that has to come from them and along with copy required demand or ruling.

We do not offer any other certificate or letter or a special invoice for CPD events or programs.

Q- I can access/watch video CPDs for some events now, which have future presentation dates. Can I claim CPD credits for those now?

A: Various CPD events are presented in a live format at multiple times and dates in that specific calendar year and they are all approved by the regulator. We allow/provide free access to the same event in video CPD format before the next presentation schedule but each event has its respective future presentation dates / expiry period. To claim CPD credits from the regulator, you have to follow the date and time related to your registration detail and the agenda even if you have viewed or access to video CPD before the date on your agenda. For further ruling and guidance on this and if you have watched the video once and there is no change in the contents of the program or agenda, please contact your regulatory body.

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