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10-A CPD Bundle Registration page- 2023

16+ Hour CPD Bundle Program for Members of CICC - RCIC & RISIA

  • CPD period ending June 30, 2023

  • A member will have access to all CPDs in live online, or video format.

  • 16 CPDs for a flat rate discounted fee 

  • Register and Pay all in one invoice/process
  • You will have 24/7 access to all CPD courses in live online or video format until June 30, 2022
  • All documentation & information to claim CPD credits from the regulator, from one page

CPDs courses access and validity for CPD credits through June 30, 2023

Further detailed policy and important information is available at the bottom of this page.

Please use the following form to complete registration and receive access instructions via email in few minutes. 

If you have already registered a program with us previously, i.e. a returning user. In that case, you may use the log button from the top right corner and then start registration without entering your personal information again.  If you wish to register for additional bundle programs, you may use a different email address with the same profile and complete registration.

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Courses- Programs included

  1. Understanding the myth of Real Crimes and Quasi Crimes - Informed Client Consent & Confidentiality. Duty of Competency on Legal services providers.  22 Sep 2022 - 2.5 Hours
  2. HNC Applications, Circumstances and/or factors, Act, Regulations, Procedures & Rules - 15 Oct 2022-  2.5 CPD Hours
  3. The intersection of Employment and Immigration Law. Employment rights and obligations for foreign workers and students. 19 Nov 2022 - CPD hours 2.5
  4. Personal Interest Vs. Client Interest and Legal Malpractice. - 1 Dec 2022 - 1.5 CPD Hour(s) (Professionalism 1 (One Hour))

  5. Charter Values and Recent Charter developments. Shadowing clients and developing an understanding of the issues which may affect your clients- 8 Dec , 2022

Please click here for individual course details from the listing page


CPD House - Can-College is offering bundled CPDs in two formats (Live Online or Video)

  • You will have access to all CPDs in live online, or video format.
  • If you purchase CPD events bundle in the live online format, you will still have access to the video format for the same event(s) at no extra cost.
  • You will have access to all CPD events in the bundle from one webpage and all the way until the end of the year. No password expiry issues.

Other Benefits:

  • Once a member subscribes to the bundle CPD program, no additional registration or purchase of any individual course/event required
  • 24/7 Program page Access until June 30 within respective registration year.
  • Free Video Access until June 30 (even if you have registered for a Live Format Event)
  • Register and Pay all in one invoice/process
  • Receive all documentation and instructions via one secure access page (no need to search for record in email)
  • You can register and purchase CPD bundles in advance even if the Live or video CPD will be available at a future date.
  • At the end of year apply for CPD credits without any hassle 

ICCRC specific forms for CPD Credits: (Use the following link for instructions and forms to claim your CPDs from the regulatory body)
1- ICCRC Website link -(Deadline to complete the Annual Renewal and submit the CPD Attestation Form)
2- Attach copy of agenda available above
3- Attach proof of payment already provided with this registration, please check your email including spam folder.
(copy of invoice is also available in your profile payment section once log in or use credit card statement) Please make sure and double check with ICCRC regulations for any update or change on the date when mailing. CPD House assumes no responsibility for members error/mistake 
ICCRC CPD Credit Forms and CPD House related answer details.

CPD House related answers for ICCRC CPD Reporting Forms:

  • Name of event organizer: Canadian Career Education College / CPD House
  • Original date of event: (date & time on agenda is the answer for all formats)
  • Date of watch or access: Should be on or after the date of agenda
  • Location of the Event: 99 Sante Dr. Unit B, Vaughan, ON. L4K3C4. Canada
  • Date and Time of the Event: (date & time on agenda is the answer for all formats)
  • Is it an Online/Video/In-person Event? You have to check your registration format
  • Is it a part of Larger Event or a Conference? No
  • Video format CPD: The date under each video CPD event represents the date of original presentation for this event in live format. The expiry date is with reference to ICCRC expiry policy in video format after which ICCRC may not accept event for CPD Credits. 

Policy - Q & A

Membership duration/expiry:  CPD Bundle program subscription/membership fee will be applied to a period starting from July 1 of the current year and ending on June 30 the following year; It does not matter on which date you have registered or purchased the program; subscription fee remains the same and is not calculated on a prorated basis.  For example, if you have registered for the program on July 15, 2021 or June 1, 2022 you will have access to all program related secured resources and documentation until June 30, 2022 or July 15, 2022. 

  • Refund or exchange of bundle not allowed once registration is approved and delivered.
  • There is no other associated benefit under this program.   

Q - What if one or more videos is expired in a bundle CPD program?

A - According to the Regulatory Body for Immigration Consultants & RISIA, Video CPD course is valid for 90 days from the date of original live presentation. Besides regulator's policy CPD house will allow participation and access to all videos on our system until June 30. So there should be no problem to view them again or dealing with any related documentation. 

Regarding claiming credit and filling up forms/portal, it is is members own responsibility to comply with related regulatory body regulations and procedures, you have to follow the related agenda for that date and other documents provided by CPD House (CPD Provider). Please use this link to learn how to claim CPD credits 

Q - I have noticed that my membership expiry date on the LMS profile appears to be as June 30 or July 15; what does this mean? Will I still have access to my courses and be able to claim them after this date?

A - Expiry of Bundle CPD Program Membership means that you will not have access to the program after this date. Bundle program members will not have access to the program page after expiry.

Q - When I log into my profile I see a message to renew my membership by June 30. What does this mean and do I have to?

A - This is simply a system-generated a message to remind the member of his renewal. Renewal is not mandatory. We recommend for the member NOT to renew it until we announce new details early next year. After expiry, your membership level will be changed to lapsed.

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