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Continuing Professional Development, CPD Programs for ICCRC & Law Society Members in Canada (2012-2020)

Discount Bundled CPD Programs for (RCIC & RISIA)

ICCRC Approved Events

CPDs courses are valid for CPD credits through June 30, 2021

24/7 Online Support , Q & A and How to Access and Claim CPDs

Individual CPD Courses

(Covid-19 Discount Applied)


Special discount up to 50% (RCIC & RISIA)

New: Discount CPD Bundle Programs for RCIC-RISIA (Please use the related button for information and registration)


CPD House - Can-College will be offering bundled CPDs in two formats (Live Online or Video)

  • You will have access to all CPDs in live online, or video format.
  • If you purchase CPD events bundle in the live online format, you will still have access to the video format for the same event(s) at no extra cost.
  • You will have access to all CPD events in the bundle from one webpage and all the way until the end of the year. No password expiry issues.

Other Benefits:

  • 6-16 CPDs for a flat rate 
  • Once a member subscribes to the bundle CPD program, no additional registration or purchase of any inidivual course/event required
  • 24/7 Program page Access until June 30
  • Free Video Access until June 30 (even if you have registered for a Live Format Event)
  • Register and Pay all in one invoice/process
  • Receive all documentation and instructions via one secure access page (no need to search for record in email)
  • You can register and purchase CPD bundles in advance even if the Live or video CPD will be available at a future date.
  • At the end of year apply for CPD credits without any hassle 

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