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6-a lawyers CPD Bundle registration Page 2021

6+ Hour Accredited CPD Bundle Program for Members of Law Society

  • 6+ Hours (3 Hours Substantive + 3 Hours Professionalism) 
  • Format: Live Webinar with Free Online Video 24/7 Access
  • A member will have access to all CPDs in live online, or video format.

  • Please use the following form and apply the following instructions to register the program(s). If you are already a returning member, simply log in from top right corner to register and pay the fee

  • Once payment is completed and approved, you will receive access instructions via email within minutes. 



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CPDs courses access and validity for CPD credits through Dec 30, 2021

Further detailed policy and important information is available at the bottom of this page.

Please use the following form to complete registration and receive access instructions via email in few minutes. 

If you have already registered a program with us previously, i.e. a returning user. In that case, you may use the log button from the top right corner and then start registration without entering your personal information again.  If you wish to register for additional bundle programs, you may use a different email address with the same profile and complete registration.

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   Event Titles & Summary  CPD Hours & Date

Cybersecurity: what you need to know when dealing with Filing & Hearing, COVID-19 and beyond   

  • Educator:  The Hon. Justice Rick Libman, Ph.D. (Osgoode) of the Ontario Court of Justice,

  • This program contains _1/2_ Professionalism Hour(s). This program is eligible for up to __1 __ Substantive Hours.

Seminar summary

As a result of the evolving public health conditions and consistent with prioritizing the health and safety of the public and the client, staff members and those appearing before the Ontario Couts or IRB or representing clients in a Visa application, the justice system is adopting a 100% online submissions and remote-only hearings model, and particularly sensitive cases are considered for expedited processing or in-person hearings where applicable on a case-by-case basis.

Although this operating model of the Government is a natural evolution of steps taken to accommodate the process without interruptions, it has introduced new challenges for legal professionals at all levels to deal with clients’ files remotely via the internet and digitally.

Protecting the client’s privacy when handling evidence, and preparing forms and submission of applications via various CRM software or internet may pose a higher risk besides making sure that files have been transmitted for processing successfully and in compliance with regulations.

      (1 Hour 30 minutes CPD)

      Date of Live Presentation :27 Oct. 2021 -1.00 PM EST


      Determination of preliminary question in an Immigration Matter with pending criminal proceeding  

      • Educator The Hon. Justice Rick Libman, Ph.D. (Osgoode) of the Ontario Court of Justice,

      • This program contains _0 - Professionalism Hour(s). his program is eligible for up to 2 Hours and 30 minutes_ Substantive Hours.

      Seminar summary

      The practice of Immigration law may face a host of challenges when dealing with clients facing criminal charges in Canada or overseas in various situations and circumstances. Now more than ever it is essential for the legal professionals including lawyers or non-lawyers to have a solid grasp of the fundamentals, case management skills, and the ability to handle ethical dilemmas when dealing with clients. You face a constantly evolving legal landscape when representing foreign nationals in a an Immigration matter or a criminal matter.

      Latest updates and court decisions are presented along with useful information to mitigate related factors to help you continue to manage effectively through challenging times and changing practices.

        (2 Hour 30 Min CPD)

        Date and format: 22 Dec, 2021 -1.00 PM EST


        Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for Foreign Nationals in Canadian Justice System

        • Educator:  The Hon. Justice Rick Libman, Ph.D. (Osgoode) of the Ontario Court of Justice,

        • This program contains _1_ Professionalism Hour + 1 (EDI) Professionalism. This program is eligible for up to __0__ Substantive Hours.

        Seminar summary

        The term "equality" is used frequently these days to define and condemn the discriminatory historical element among several communities globally, including in Canada. Our presenters explore why knowledge of history is critical to a better understanding of rights, practices and attitudes faced by peoples having various Citizenship/Immigration status today, and to also highlight the elements impacting their rights in the Canadian justice system when dealing with enforcement agencies, including police at all levels and the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).

        Learn the value of equity, diversity, and inclusion principles within a legal context and how you can help to address and educate your clients to promote improved outcomes and better opportunities based on equal rights in the Canadian Constitution.

            (2 Hour CPD) EDI-Professionalism

            Date and format:29 Dec 2021, 1.00 PM EST


             Total CPD Hours - (Substantive hours = 3 , EDI = 1 Hour, Professionalism-Ethics = 2. Hours)

                 6.00 Hours


            CPD House - Can-College is offering bundled CPDs in two formats (Live Online or Video)

            • You will have access to all CPDs in live online, or video format.
            • If you purchase CPD events bundle in the live online format, you will still have access to the video format for the same event(s) at no extra cost.
            • You will have access to all CPD events in the bundle from one webpage and all the way until the end of the year. No password expiry issues.

            Other Benefits:

            • Once a member subscribes to the bundle CPD program, no additional registration or purchase of any inidivual course/event required
            • 24/7 Program page Access until December 31
            • Free Video Access until December 31 (even if you have registered for a Live Format Event)
            • Register and Pay all in one invoice/process
            • Receive all documentation and instructions via one secure access page (no need to search for record in email)
            • You can register and purchase CPD bundles in advance even if the Live or video CPD will be available at a future date.
            • At the end of year apply for CPD credits without any hassle 

            Policy - Q & A

            Membership duration/expiry:  CPD Bundle program membership fee will be applied to a period starting from January 1 and ending on December 31, or January 1; each respective year. It does not matter when the application is received or approved; membership fee remains the same and is not calculated on a prorated basis. 

            • Refund or exchange of bundle not allowed once registration is approved and deliverd.
            • There is no other assocuated benefit under this program.   

            Q - What if one or more videos is expired in a bundle CPD program?

            A - CPD for Lawyers and Paralegals (LSO-LSBC) are mostly valid for over a year from the date of original live presentation. Besides Live Particpation, Access to all videos is available on our system until December 31. So there should be no problem to view them again or dealing with any expiry issue. 

            Regarding claiming credit and filling up forms/portal, it is is members own respeonsiblity to comply with related regulatory bidy regulations and procedures, you have to follow the related agenda for that date and other documents provided by CPD House (CPD Provider).

            Q - I have noticed that my membership expiry date on the LMS profile appears to be as December 31 or Jan 1; what does this mean? Will I still have access to my courses and be able to claim them after this date?

            A - Expiry of Bundle CPD Program Membership means that you will not have access to the program after this date. Bundle program members will not have access to the program page after expiry.

            However, there is no restriction to claim CPD credits from the regulator according to its CPD regulations at any time during the current year and after the program is made available for access or by January 31 the following year.

            Q - When I log into my profile I see a message to renew my membership by December 15 or Jan 1. What does this mean and do I have to?

            A - This is simply a system-generated a message to remind the member of his renewal. Renewal is not mandatory. We recommend for the member NOT to renew it until we announce new details early next year. After expiry, your membership level will be changed to lapsed.

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