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Regulatory Offences, Criminal Code and Immigration Status. Recent developments in regulatory offences and in summary conviction offences.

  • 28 Nov 2022
  • 28 Nov 2023
  • Accredited Video CPD - 2.5 CPD Hour(s) - CICC Approved


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This program contains _1/2  Professionalism Hour(s).

This program is eligible for up to _2 _ Substantive Hours

CICC Approved

Where (Format):   Accredited Video CPD 

Presented by: Canadian Career Education College / CPD House


  • The Hon. Justice Rick Libman and Muhammad Watto (B.A. LL,B,)

Program available date: 28 Nov 2022

Seminar summary

This workshop provides an overview of the law as it relates to regulatory offences, or public welfare or quasi-criminal offences as they are sometimes called. This is an ever-evolving area of the law that applies to the many regulated activities that laws govern, ranging from rules of the road for highway traffic, standards for safety at the workplace, the air one breathes and the food one eats. This discussion would be useful for anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of the laws that apply to regulatory offences, and also specifically to lawyers and paralegals who provide legal services in this area, or who appear before the many courts, tribunals and boards that share jurisdiction in the area. This workshop will also be useful to those who deal with regulators who have the responsibility for overseeing the enforcement of regulatory statutes. Finally, this workshop will be useful to lawyers and paralegals who would like a better understanding of the procedural statutes that are in place throughout Canada and apply to regulatory offences..

Professionalism: Circumstances in which a lawyer or paralegal must recommend or require the client to obtain independent legal advice or independent legal representation. Generally, the requirement for independent advice or representation arises out of a conflict of interest due to joint representation of parties charged with a regulatory offence, or where a company and employer or employee is being jointly investigated by a regulator. This topic will assist attendees to identify these points, timelines and understand various situations to act proactively, and avoid such conduct for the best interest of their practice and public and/or clients. 

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