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16 CPD Bundle Registration page- 2024

16+ Hour CPD Bundle Program for Members of CICC - RCIC & RISIA

  • CPD Reporting period ending June 30, 2024

  • A member will have access to all CPDs in live online, or video format.

  • 6-16 CPDs for a flat rate discounted fee 

  • Register and Pay all in one invoice/process
  • You will have 24/7 access to all CPD courses in live online or video format until June 30, 2024
  • All documentation & information to claim CPD credits from the regulator, from one page

CPDs courses access and validity for CPD credits through June 30, 2024

Further detailed policy and important information is available at the bottom of this page.

Please use one of the following buttons (16 A or 16 B) to complete registration and receive access instructions via email in few minutes. 

Each bundle have different courses. All courses are eligible for CPD credit for both RCIC's & RISIA in Video or Live Web format.

Registration open for June - 2024 reporting period

*Early registration discounts will end on January 30, 2024

1-Dealing with Marriage fraud or sham marriage matters. 18 Oct 2023 - CICC Approved - 60 Minutes Ethics-Professionalism.


2-Updated Pathways for caregivers to understand the Law, Policy and procedures. Emerging issues in   administrative law (IRPA, the Citizenship Act).  31 Oct 2023 - CICC Approved 2 Hours.


3-Hire a permanent foreign worker with or without LIMIA.  3 Nov 2023.  2 CPD Hours - CICC Approved 2 Hours


4-Understanding Removal Orders and related Enforcement. 5 Dec 2023 . CICC Approved 2 Hours.


5-Application for a Study Visas-Permit and A guide to Unite Spouses or Dependants during Study. 29 Dec 2023. CICC Approved 2.30 Hours.


6-Accessing Visa Office File Record and Client’s Information via ATIP during or after the decision‐making process.  8 Jan 2024. CICC Approved 2 Hours.


7-Faster entry to Canada, ETA Requirements, the overview of Working Holiday Visa, IEP and IEC and in Canada TRV. 12 Jan 2024. CICC Approved 2 Hours


8-Applying for a work permit or study permit from inside Canada, understanding the eligibility and procedures. 31 Jan 2024.  CICC Approved 2.30 Hours.


9-Recent changes in spousal sponsorship program to reduce processing times for both in Canada and overseas applicants.  2 Feb 2024. CICC Approved 2 Hours.


1-Determination of preliminary question in an Immigration Matter with a pending criminal proceeding.  8 Nov 2023 .  CICC Approved 2 Hours.


2-Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for Foreign Nationals in the Canadian Justice System.  15 Nov 2023.  CICC Approved 2 Hours - 60 Minutes Professionalism.


3-Managing the domestic/family violence file when representing clients in an Immigration matter. 22 Nov 2023. CICC Approved 2 Hours.


4-The Sentencing under Criminal Law and its impact on matters under IRPA‐IRPR. 29 Nov 2023.  CICC Approved 2 Hours.


5-Summary, Indictable and Regulatory Offences and their impact on Immigration applications.  6 Dec 2023. CICC Approved 2 Hours.


6-Obligation on legal practitioners on matters raising the issue of mental disorder or unfitness to stand trial. 13 Dec 2023.  CICC Approved 2 Hours.


7-Understanding the Myth of Real Crimes and Quasi Crimes - Informed Client Consent & Confidentiality. Duty of Competency on Legal Services Providers. 20 Dec 2023. CICC Approved 2 Hours.


8-IAD and Family class sponsorship refusal appeals, rules, and procedures. 26 Jan 202.  CICC Approved 2 Hours.


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